DJing as blogging

For a while I stopped DJing. No one cared, even me. There was always part of me that felt like I worked with so many great DJs that it wasn’t important for me to contribute. Also, for a while I wasn’t inspired by the music I was hearing.

I’ve been having way more fun DJing lately. Usually for radio or for friend’s parties but even in the club. I think that’s largely because of a perspective shift. Much like blogging i just look at DJing as simply organizing ideas.

It’s not that I’m a particularly great DJ or that I even love performing (I don’t). I shifted my energy away from thinking of it as an act of performance and pressure and have now found the act (including prep) to be a way to organize time and give focus to a big part of my unaccounted for life, listening to music. For someone who consumes a fair bit of music, it’s important to have a moment to collect and sift.