On Celestial Scale

David Byrne proposes that music has always been created with the space or element of playback in mind. Namely the bigger the “room”, the more expansive the sound. Bach for the church, Adele for the earbuds.

When artists (or us) make things (pictures, paintings, writing, films) they can assume the size of the screen is actually as big as space itself. If not in content, at least in form.

The limitations of the apps and devices we use today are but a blip. Compression is the tape hiss or VHS tracking of our day, or what Brian Eno thinks are the kinds of defective charms we will miss from the previous era.

Simply put: Save your stems, your layers, your biggest lossless file.

These current considerations are technological shortcuts to reduce time/cost to transfer and ship. These aren’t reasons to limit our art.

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