On Good Friction

Have been talking a lot with friends about friction lately. Friction is the time spent waiting, the having to leave your house to do something, and the certain imperfections or inconveniences that the internet wants to scrub from our lives. Even social media is shorthand for “talk to people you like or admire without having to actually talk to them.”

But what about the good stuff? Going to a movie theatre is great if you are into that. Waiting outside in line for sneakers is a tribal gathering. Vinyl is slow to arrive, heavy, and sonically imperfect. These experiences are communal, rooted in discovery, and leave the element of chance in play. Frictionless extends to dating now, something I have experienced for the first time. This form of introduction with speed and volume is exciting, but I wonder what we’re jettisoning in the process.

This isn’t to say that the frictionless is not desired. It’s great for the banal transactional bits like paying for things, but I’m loyal to projects and businesses that invoke good friction along their journey.


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